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Creating Visuals in a Service Based Business

Creating Visuals in a Service Based Business
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Creating Visuals in a Service Based Business

Struggling to create the right images for your business?

Sick of relying on stock photos that don’t quite hit the mark to make sure you have enough content for your social media platforms?

This workshop is designed to not only teach simple techniques so you can capture beautiful images to share, but also help generate the ideas needed so that your visuals match your content that you want to share and fit with your business and brand.

You will learn simple phone photography techniques to compose and frame photos, use editing apps to create a consistent look for your images and how to use imagery to communicate your brand message.

We will then dive into the storytelling element to photography. You will have time to really brainstorm on your business and brand and what visuals will really convey your message on socials. Most importantly, there will be time to craft the images and create a content calendar for the next month.


When: Wednesday 23rd October 2019 – 9.30am-2.30pm; Morning Tea and Lunch provided

Where: Acorn Creative Warehouse Mezzanine*- 7/9 Sainsbury Ave, O’Connor

How many: Maximum 12 people

We will cover

  • Photography basics including composition & exposure

  • The basic rundown of your phone camera (iphone & android)

  • Editing in the phone

  • Storytelling with photography

  • Creating a content calendar for socials

  • Lots of hands on practice time and brainstorming opportunities

What you need:

  • iPhone or Andriod phone – the newer models do give much better photo results

  • Pre-download some free apps prior to workshop

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