Would you love to manage your own website so that you are not going back to a web designer every time you want to make a simple update?  Frustrated at your own DIY efforts and not sure why it is not working?  Using Squarespace, I design a beautiful, comprehensive and functional website to promote your business and provide you with the training to be able to take control of the website and manage the day to day as your business grows.

What's included?

  • A beautiful and effective website that is easy to manage.

  • Content questionnaire and website strategy session

  • Up to 10 content pages

  • Content applied within the parameters of the template selected

  • Custom graphics for your whole site are created to maintain your branding consistency

  • Completely responsive and mobile and tablet/ipad optimized interface

  • Email sign-up and registration forms

  • Google Universal Analytics integration

  • Social network integration

  • Custom domain configuration and transfer of old website blog content

  • Basic SEO for gallery/page content and up to 5 blog posts

  • Two one-on-one training sessions via Skype for 1 hr each plus email support for one month after website online


Estimated completion time

2-3 weeks. Time estimate will be based on individual project and complexity as well as current booking schedule and how quickly website content is delivered to me.


Small business owners that want a professional website to showcase their brand and want to have control of their website to make small changes after the build is complete.

How Much does this cost

The basic website design is $1250.  Extras such as ecommerce, E course hosting or complex content development are quoted individually.


Squarespace is an online website creation platform. I choose Squarespace to build websites, including my own, as it is an all in one solution. Squarespace manages your hosting, updates and any problems all by paying the monthly/yearly fee. This means that, unlike most providers, you wont have to hire anyone to maintain your website and you don't have to stress about maintaining anything yourself. You also wont be paying for a bunch of plugins or services, Squarespace manages this all. After the design process is complete I will teach you how to easily make changes, update your blog (I am a huge fan of blogging) and simple SEO tweaks so your site can thrive!


I am a Squarespace circle member

"Squarespace Circle is a program designed to support, inspire, and engage the community of creatives, developers, and designers who use Squarespace to build beautiful websites for themselves and their clients."

Benefits for you include:
-Six-month trial periods
-20% off new website and online store subscriptions for the first year on annual plans