Recent Squarespace Designs

I love clean website design.  Where the work of the creative entrepreneur is highlighted, and beautiful imagery that represents a brand can shine. 

Australian Squarespace Website Design

Minted Interiors

Tess from Minted Interiors had a HUGE social media following but her website was static and flash-based, without a blog where she could update on latest trends or new projects.

Tess wanted to showcase her latest projects, the photography of her projects that her professional photographer sister had taken and create a beautiful platform to drive traffic from her large social media following to her website.  Her brief was to design a high-end, boutique and image driven.  She wanted something simple and clean, that uses images of her work to tell the story along with a press section of her published work with external links to the articles. 

After the launch of the website, with the training provided, Tess has continued to add to her portfolio, press gallery and blog as her business has grown.

Squarespace Website Design in Perth

Nikki Green

Nikki is a scribal artist with multiple projects on the go.  We needed to create a website which incorporated her many different art projects, provide a platform where she could showcase her unique Ketubah art, her unique natural Australian artwork and the artist retreats she conducts in the amazing Denmark area.

Nikki previously had a wordpress website that we were able to salvage the blog she had sporadically posted to and bring it over to the Squarespace website, along with creating different galleries for her multiple works and showcase Nikki's artwork on a clean, spacious design to highlight the work rather than the website.

Essential Oil Website Design Perth

Motherhood Musings

A quick project to create a blog for one Mother's musings about her organic life and surviving with four little ones! She also needed a space to share her recipes and sell essential oils online.

Beautiful squarespace website design

CApturing Lifes Colour

Alinta started designing her Squarespace website but got stuck trying to get her ideas to work within the templates.  She chose to go with the website cleanup package and we worked together to develop her site into one that she loves.

Perth Squarespace Design

The Chamber of blessings

A website cleanup package for this larger than life event facilitator from Denmark, WA.  We worked on providing a beautiful, large platform for Gertrude Wellease images to shine, a blog to document community events and musings and provide an area for all of Gertrude's amazing services can be explained.

Squarespace website design Australia

Photography by Emma Pointon

In January 2011 my Wordpress website that I had commissioned crashed and I had a weekend to get my website back up as January is prime wedding photographer booking season!  I found Squarespace and set about designing and building my website.  Over the last 6 years I have revised, tweaked and updated my Squarespace website and has been rank number one on Google for Fremantle Wedding Photography for the last 4 years.