March Work Listens - Autumn Vibes

Creative Entrepreneur Spotify playlist

I spend a lot of time in front of the computer working.  Lots of creative entrepreneurs do.  Although I love podcasts, sometimes tedious work requires serious tunes! 

I became addicted to Spotify in late 2015 when I discovered I could listen to music without having to purchase it on iTunes!  Sometimes you really need to listen to a bit of Taylor Swift or Britney Spear's Work B*tch but I really did not want those tunes ruining my perfectly alternative indie rock collection in iTunes.  

Mainly I use Spotify to find new music and create playlists for my different work moods.

SO March Playlist is a little new, a little not so new, and is a little dark and moody to say goodbye to summer here in Australia and bring in autumn (although it was 38 degrees on the first day of autumn here, so no need to air out the blankets just yet).  I can see me listening to this as it gets colder, wrapped up in a cashmere longline cardigan and wearing my ugg boots. 

Happy Listening!

Emma Pointon