What To Do After You Publish Your Blog Post

Blog post help on social media

So you have hit publish on your blog post and sent it out into the inter web... but how do you get your audience and others out there to view your hard thought of ideas, recipe or view your images that you have just blogged?  You need to get those ideas out there on social media where you have been slowly cultivating an audience organically and let them know where to go!  Here are some ways to share your blog post out there in the social media world and get that traffic heading from those platforms where all the shiny things can distract them to your beautiful site where they can only get distracted by even more brilliance from you...


  • If you can, choose 3-5 images from the post and crop into square format
  • Load up website link - not just the blog link but the individual blog post link (make sure you change it to a nice, SEO friendly link before hitting publish) to a carousal of images if you are an image friendly blog or just share the cover image and excerpt from the blog if it is not a image heavy post
  • If you are sharing a post where you worked with other businesses (wedding vendors this is you!) tag those businesses so they know that the link is up and that could also share this when tagged in.
  • Don't just leave it as one post, use the Facebook schedule tool at this time and post in the link with a different invite to view the following day and 2 days later, mixing this in with other content on your page.  If you do not post often on your Facebook (we are all there at some point, there is no shame) then schedule it in for a week or so after the first post went out.
  • Go into your groups that you are active in and find out where your blog post might be helpful/useful, link to a certain day's #hashtag or where you are allowed to promote the post on a certain day.  It will probably not be the day that you post it so set up a little facebook group share reminder in Trello, Asana or in your weekly calendar so you can get like minded people that you hang out with.  There are certain groups that are just for bloggers and do different blog topic sharing threads on different days, it is a case of spending a little time to find that groups that resonate with you but also are potentially where your ideal client is hanging out! 


  • Have a selection of images from the blog ready to go for instagram
  • Edit the bio link to be the URL slug of the wedding blog post.  If this is too long use bit.ly or another service to shorten the URL link
  • Post first image with description then see link in profile with the emoji hands to pointing upwards.  
  • Remember to link in any businesses you worked with, with @ tags but don't go randomly tagging people in, that is spam and not fun
  • Schedule or have a few more image at the ready to post the following day, 2 days after that then 4 days if you haven't posted a new blog post
  • Remember to use your relevant #hashtags to get that post seen outside of just your followers!
  • Use the instagram story feature to showcase your blog post and use the 'swipe up for link' 


  • Go into your non-blogging platform or computer so you are not logged into your website (I always work on my website in Google Chrome and use Safari for pinterest) and start pinning your images from the blog to different boards you have created for your business pinterest board.  You could have a board that is dedicated to your work while the other boards are curated content (remember the 80/20 rule for pinterest, 20% your work, 80% curated content) or you could have different boards that your various topics fit into.
  • You can go in and edit descriptions to help google and pinterest searchers find your blog post


  • Email out your blog post.  Now this can be in your newsletter to your subscribers or again if you collaborated with several businesses, email them to let them know you blogged about the experience or the images from an event/wedding.
  • Outline the rules that you have in place, especially if you are a photographer.  For weddings I would write something along the lines of "I make an effort to try and tag all the suppliers that have provided items in different photos so I would appreciate if you did the same.  If blogging link to my website, and this is my Facebook & Instagram handle."
  • If you are a photographer and have blogged people you have photographed, make sure you email them too to let them know that they can share the post with their family and friends!

I have included just the three platforms I use on social media but same rules apply for Twitter, Linked in, Google+ (this will help with your SEO so if you are on Google+ DEFINITELY post a link on your page and in any communities you are in) and any other social media you use. 


Shared your content online once and think that is it?  Hell no!  Don't let your wonderful words, recipes that you have shared, images that you have taken and all that talent just sit there in a silo?  Re-share your content whenever you can!  If you do a seasonal post, share it every time that season rolls around.  Been a few months since that blog post had traffic? Share it again.  Do a round up at the end of the year of your most popular posts of the year on social media or just remind people that that popular blog post is still there at any random time you cannot think of another thing to share.

Once you have a good library of content, you can take the foot off the creating pedal and share your already written content out there, especially in where you are busy with other aspects of your business!

BloggingEmma Pointon