3 Simple SEO Tips for Squarespace Bloggers

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With all the noise about search engine optimisation (SEO) changes, google analytics and how there are little google robots running around web doing who knows what (well I am pretty sure the experts at google know exactly what those robots are up to), it sometimes feels like SEO is some sort of sorcery controlled by google wizards.  

When drowning in emails and phone calls from SEO companies promising to put you in the number one spot on google, it is hard not to feel like a muggle when it comes to SEO. But if you have a squarespace website, you do not need to fork out thousands to big companies every few months to keep on top of google, you just need to do a little bit of work when setting up your website and blogging. 

You have probably already done the work in figuring out what keywords you want to rank for and what your ideal clients are searching when they are looking for your services.  If not, google actually helps you out with it’s keyword planner.

But here are 3 ways you can help those google robots find you on your website and benefit from being found.

1. Using the site and page descriptions

Write a short site description in the Settings Panel under the Website > Basic Information and ensure that each page has a description which you can find in the settings area.  When your website shows up on google, the site and the pages listed will each have the  description underneath.  Ensure that the description is short, concise and what you want to present to your ideal clients searching for you on google.

Squarespace website help
Squarespace Website SEO tips

2. Blog Excerpts

There are a number of templates that allow you to have blog excerpts instead of a full blog roll on your blog area on your website. The importance of blogging consistently has been one of those lessons that is repeated over and over again but having a blog that loads quickly is very important as well.  If you are a photographer or someone that works in design or styling, your blog posts may be image heavy. Photos take longer to load than text and if you are blogging more than 20 images per post (wedding photographers are guilty of this) then your blog page is going to take longer to load.  Using excepts means that one feature image and a small paragraph of text plus and important {Read More} link show up and you can have 5-10 blog posts for each page that loads quickly and provides variety in the content that google picks up.

3. Captioning images

When creating a page or a blog post and uploading images either separately or in a gallery, there is an option to caption or alt tag each image. Use this option, and to stop the captions being seen and looking a little messy, there is also the option to hide the captions.  Look at the images and use descriptions of the images sprinkled in with key words you have researched for your business.

Alt Tagging images for squarespace websites
Alt Tagging in Squarespace

SEO doesn't have to be complicated. Just start with these three easy tips and try to blog consistently.